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Direct to Film Print(s) DTF

Direct to Film Print(s) DTF

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All images must be sent in PNG format with a transparent background and cannot exceed 23"x15"(have a boarder of 0.25).  You will need to select the size that fits the largest size of your image, whether it is length or width.  If your image comes in and is not sized correctly (The background/canvas/artboard and image needs to be the same size. Example: image is 12x11, background/canvas/artboard should be 12x11 too even though it is transparent. If it is not done this way the image will print smaller then wanted.) we will only size it to the size you purchased.  We will not manipulate your artwork in any way.  Please refer to video on the website for instructions on how to make sure you have it right.



Pressing Temperature: 
Poly-275/10 Sec
Tri-275/10 Sec
50/50 300/ 12 Sec
Cotton 325/15 Sec

For a more matte finish cover it with craft paper and repress for 10 sec.
Pressure: light to medium
Peel COLDIf you have any lifting, lay the transfer paper back down, repress for approximately 5 seconds, allow to completely cool and then peel.

***NOTE***: By selecting this option you agree to the following terms and conditions. Orders that do not meet these guidelines/requirements will not be printed.

When submitting your design, ensure it meets the following guidelines: 300 DPI or larger PNG format with a transparent background.  Your PNG must be ready to print without manipulation by our staff.  If your image is already blurry at 300 dpi or more, it will be printed as is. To reiterate, what you send is exactly what will be printed if not rejected for reasons stated above.

Designs must be arranged on specified sheet size, sized and placed to be printed. Please ensure all transparent space is removed, and your image is sized to fit the specified size purchased (leave a minimum of .25" border on all 4 sides of the image to be printed). We will not resize your image. If sent improperly we will notify you that your image has been rejected or you will be required to meet the set parameters before printing.

Incubate, LLC will only print what is submitted. We will not modify your image in any way at any time for any reason. All lines need to be a minimum weight of 2pts in order for the print software to see those lines. If not, we cannot guarantee the quality of the print.

CMYK color format is preferred because our software will not do Pantone matching . If your artwork is not in CMYK format it will be printed as received and the colors may not be exact.

Incubate, LLC is not liable for how you purpose the prints you request.  Once printed and in your possession, you are responsible for any trademark infringement/violations.

Our PRINTS are NOT REFUNDABLE. By placing this order you acknowledge that we will not refund purchases due to user errors. Incubate, LLC will issue a studio credit for reasons related to Incubate, LLC printing error(s) . We will replace defective transfers once you are in possession of the prints. We require photos of the exact defects prior to approving the claim, which must be received within 24 hours post delivery.

To be abundantly clear, there are NO REFUNDS. All sales are final and will be mitigated by either studio credit on future prints. Damage/defective claims will be treated on case by case basis as long as the above parameters have been met, but will still only be resolved by receiving store credit for the exact value of the product that was damaged/defective.

By making this purchase, you are indicating that you UNDERSTAND AND AGREE to all written above terms and conditions. This agreement will be used to indemnify both parties in the event that this transaction(s) is reviewed and decided upon by a third party.

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