Collection: Printable 651 Grade Decal Options

SCREENSHOTS OR IMAGES TAKEN FROM THE INTERNET WILL NOT BE PRINTED. A $5 SETUP FEE MAY BE ADDED AND CHARGED PRIOR TO PRINTING FOR EACH IMAGE/SHEET. Eco-solvent ink colors are suspended in a mild biodegradable solvent, meaning the ink has virtually no odor because they don’t contain many volatile organic compounds. This ink has been around for around 2 decades. The lack of smell is a selling point for eco-solvent inks. Most solvent printing options have a strong odor ruling out printing onto material which will be displayed or used indoors. Eco-solvent prints are waterproof and can be used to print directly onto media such vinyl and rigid substrates like painted or coated metal, foamboard and PVC based boards. The inks essentially soften the base material and allow the ink pigments to latch to the chemically etched surface. This is what makes solvent ink prints more durable than water-based inks.